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Today, we filter everything: our music playlists, Instagram photos, twitter feeds, snapchats, and so much more. Some of these things deserve to be filtered. Maybe you filter the tweets that you see so that no one spoils the next episode of your favorite TV show. Maybe you filter your Instagram photos to brighten the scenery. Maybe you filter your playlists because if you hear one more love song, you’re going to go completely insane. All of these filters have their place. All of them are okay.

But how often do we filter our lives as Christians? How often do we post a photo with a Bible verse as the caption, but we haven’t picked up said Bible in a good 2 or 3 months. How often do we strive to appear as though we are living a perfect life when we know that we are far from it?

Yes, it is important that we speak about Christ and post things that we see are fitting as a Christian, but it is another to post things in a way that make us seem “holier than thou” to others. Our brothers and sisters have likely seen us stumble; they know what season of life that we are going through at this very moment. We should strive to reflect these things in our social media as well as our conversations with one another. We need to learn to be open about our weaknesses while simultaneously celebrating our strengths. Learn to confide in other Christians and find shelter and community within a body of believers. Live unfiltered within the church.

More importantly, live unfiltered before God.

As Christians, how often do we filter our prayers to our all-knowing Heavenly Father? We say things like “thank you for the many blessings” without taking the time (and effort) to point out specific ways in which he has blessed us. Maybe we do this our of fear that we will leave something on the “list of blessings” out, or perhaps we do this because we get so caught up in saying the same simple prayer that our words are almost meaningless. We do the same thing when we say things like, “forgive us where we fail you.” Instead of saying “forgive me for lying,” we lay a blanket phrase on top of all of our specific sins in an attempt to conceal things that we do not want to be made known. We hide our sins from the one who has forgiven us from them. Not only do we do this, but we often approach him as if we are perfect. It does not make sense to approach the only perfect one with this kind of attitude. He knows our struggles, sins, and burdens. He accepts our imperfections and forgives us from our sins. He is waiting to embrace his children with his arms spread wide. Put aside your pride; allow  yourself to run to your savior’s arms and leave your every burden at the cross.  We are all broken sinners in need of his saving grace.

Live unfiltered, Christian, before God and before others.

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