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Christianity: The Importance of Social Media

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Should Christians be active on social media? Yes! I've heard it argued that being on social media is being "of the world," and I'm not going to disagree with that completely. Your social media presence can be of the world or a light unto the world depending on how you use it. If you're using TikTok to upload some of the famous dances, it may be time for a break. But if you're using it to spread the word, keep on sister!

Social media can be a beautiful thing. It lets us connect with people from different cities, states, and even countries. You can follow accounts and join groups that are interested in the same things as you. I'm in groups ranging from Bible Journaling to blogging to Disney. There really is something for everyone.

As Christians, we are called to go into the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). This used to require money to travel, weeks off of work, and years of planning. Now, the world is at our fingertips. Mission trips are still important, but we have an entire mission field in the apps of our phone.

As Christians, we should use social media differently. We all know someone, or have been someone, who acts different on church trips than they do on the internet. They're posting worldly things, following sin-filled accounts, and still preaching on mission trips. Let me clarify what I mean by worldly things. Those TikTok dances I talked about? There are maybe 3 that I've seen that could be done on a stage at church. There are about 100 that couldn't. If you wouldn't do it at church, don't post it. My mom told me years ago that "if it isn't appropriate to be shown on the screen at church, it isn't appropriate to be in your Instagram feed."

You don't have to post a Bible verse on every picture to use social media as a Christian. As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn't. In order to reach the lost, your content should include verses and personal stories. A nonbeliever is more likely to click on the selfie with the caption about your struggle with an eating disorder and how God helped you overcome it over a graphic of a Bible verse. If they relate to your story, they may follow you or message you. That's how you make new friends, reach the lost, and go into the world of social media to make disciples.

As a Christian on social media, you should be aware of how your posts can impact non-believers. I've heard people say "I'm not going to that church. Their * insert leadership position here * constantly shares posts full of cuss words. Why should I go to their church or listen to them?" It's easy to share the funny post, the story about the party in high school, or post the picture in minimal clothing without thinking of its impact on anyone else. Before you share, think about the impact of your post on the Kingdom, the nonbeliever, and even your own reputation. I've posted things I shouldn't have, and I'd venture to say we all have. Remember the impact of your posts.

The Bible constantly talks about our tongue and our speech. It teaches us to speak kindly, glorify and honor Him with our words, and be aware of our speech. Whenever we say hateful things online, we are overshadowing our love. Love first, always. Others look to Christians for love, not for hate. Use your tongue and speech, or keyboard and status to glorify God.

Share the word on social media. Be authentic, people crave this in our filtered world. I posted about being authentic on my blog Instagram the other day, and the amount of messages I got from people who crave authenticity on social media was shocking. The difference in Christian social media and worldly social media is usually authenticity. The world want to point to "me" and Christians want to point to "Him." Use your social media to glorify God. Post Bible verses, share struggles if you're comfortable, be authentic, be kind, and most importantly: share the gospel.

I hope you have a blessed day!

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