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My Disney College Program Story

Surprise! I'm moving to Walt Disney World in January 2022! If you know me, you know I love all things Disney. So let's talk about the college program, and how I ended up here.

Rewind: It's December 2016

My family and I are visiting Walt Disney World for Christmas break. I'm wearing an Alpha Delta Pi sorority shirt, and meet a cast member who is also an ADPi while waiting for the Frozen Singalong in Hollywood Studios. We take a picture "throwing diamonds," and I notice her name tag says a college instead of the typical city, state. We start talking and she tells me about the DCP and how she was currently representing her university on the program.

Later, we go to Animal Kingdom and meet another cp while waiting to meet Pocahontas (my favorite). I decided then that I wanted to do the DCP in college, but couldn't decide when attending the DCP made the most sense to keep from interfering with my school schedule.

Fall Semester 2017

I decided to apply for the DCP on a whim because I was at a college that I did not like at all. I wasn't accepted, but that's okay! I didn't do any research before hand, and now I know what I did wrong. Thankfully, I ended up transferring to Mississippi State instead, which was one of the best decisions I've made to date. If you've been rejected from the DCP, this is your sign to never give up.

Summer 2019

In July 2019, my mom surprised me with an annual pass for my birthday! I was so excited to be able to go to Disney any time. During 2 separate trips, I was told that I had "cast member energy" by 2 different DVC cast members in various areas. This is when I knew that I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company in some capacity post-graduation. Those cast members truly made my trip, and I will forever be grateful for them!

Spring Semester 2020

Late one night, I decided to apply for the DCP because I knew I wanted at least a year post-grad to decide whether or not I wanted to pursue law school, or work in public relations. I was quickly pushed through to the phone interview. I had my phone interview the same day my Aristocats AirPods case came in, and just knew it was a sign. The interview went well, and my interviewer was so nice! Waiting for my acceptance was so stressful. Disney sends acceptances in "waves," and I was constantly checking my email. Finally, the long awaited email came. While having one final "goodbye" meal with my college friends after the pandemic shut down school for the rest of the year, I was accepted for Fall Advantage 2020 to work in Merchandise!

Summer 2020

In summer 2020, my CP was cancelled due to the pandemic. Looking back, I am thankful that Disney chose to make the call in order to prioritize bringing back full and part time cast members, and to ensure safety of everyone. When the cancellation was posted, I was disappointed. It hurt to have no post-grad plan other than the DCP. Nevertheless, this lead me to another blessing: getting my first full-time job in marketing and public relations!

Fall 2021

This fall, the DCP was brought back, and I initially decided not to apply. After much consideration, I decided to apply for the Spring Advantage program, as working for Disney has been my dream. I was quickly accepted, and decided to accept my spot in the DCP! I will be moving to Orlando in January 2022 to begin my career with Disney. I'm hoping to work my way into corporate communications or marketing soon! I will be continuing grad school classes online, and cannot wait to see where this journey will take me.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

- Walt Disney

See ya in Disney World real soon!

Friends and family, I hope you'll follow along my DCP journey! Fellow CPs, I look forward to sharing more Disney blogs and content with you all!

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