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How did paint and canvases remind me of salvation?

This afternoon I decided that I would paint some canvases for a friend’s mom. I could not get one to turn out how I wanted it to no matter how hard I tried. It had about 3 layers of different colors on it and looked terrible. I was ready to give up, but decided I would take it to the bathroom sink to see if I could wash it. (Crazy, I know. I thought so too.) I did this because it was my last resort and I honestly did not care if it was ruined.

I plunged it into the sink and began washing it. To my surprise, the paint came off easily. Layers and layers of dried acrylic paint gone, just like that. It was almost too simple. I stared at the lumps of paint by the sink (no Dad, I didn’t clog the drain), and it hit me. Between the pink colored water, the layers of disgusting paint, and the perfect white canvas in front of me, I was reminded of salvation.

The water was the same color that I had “stained” the canvas with, just like being “stained” with sin and having it washed away. The canvas was “as white as snow” and looked brand new. The “gunk” that was left from the paint reminded me of layers and layers or years and years of built up sin, that came off so easily in the waters of baptism (or the bathroom sink). Of course, some spots were there longer and harder to get rid of than others, but aren’t some worldly desires and sins harder to give up? That doesn’t make them impossible to give up because Christ can make them new again. It just means that we are human and tend to hold onto things that we have gotten used to. Thankfully, Christ can grant us the ability to rid of those desires as well, just like the spots on the canvas came off with a little extra scrubbing.

Finally, the canvas was ready to be recreated, just like new Christians are waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece by God. The paint was washed down the drain just like sins are washed away in the waters of baptism. The old, ugly canvas is gone just like the old, sin-filled person is gone. Both have the chance of starting over and becoming a new masterpiece, isn’t that beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful that God doesn’t care how ugly we have become or how many layers of sin we have built up, he is still there waiting with open arms. Isn’t it amazing how he can totally transform our image when we strive to look more like him. Isn’t it wonderful that God can take a messy life and turn it into a masterpiece? And isn’t it crazy that God can take an everyday scenario, like attempting to wash a canvas, to remind us of his grace and faithfulness?! Thank you, Jesus, for messy canvases and baptism waters.

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