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Lessons From A Puppy: What We Can Learn About Christianity From Our Dog

I believe there are lessons in everything, and lessons we can learn from everything and everyone. So here are some lessons about God that we can learn from our dogs.

Rosie is my new little best friend. She tests my patience and drive me insane sometimes, so I truly believe there are some lessons I can learn from her. God created both of us to fulfill different purposes. Her purpose may be to be my best friend, and mine may be to write about it. We're still figuring all of that out.

1. Sometimes we just need to be held by our Father

Rosie is a cry baby. She will whine until Dad picks her up, puts her on his chest, and holds her. After she's in his arms, she quits crying and falls asleep. She's a spoiled little puppy who doesn't face many trials, but she still needs to be held and comforted to find peace and rest. We need the same. Sometimes we just need to fall into God's presence and let him comfort us and bring us peace. He's there to wipe our tears, remind us who we are, and comfort us until we are at peace.

2. Mess-ups can be forgiven

Rosie is a puppy, she messes up. She forgets that the bathroom is outside, she strows her toys all over the house, sometimes she bites and growls, but we forgive her. Her mess-ups are like our sins. They can seem big and overwhelming, but they can be forgiven if we ask (or if she curls up beside us to apologize). No matter how big or small our mess is, God is waiting on us to call on Him to help us clean up the mess. He sent his son to die for our mess-ups, and they make carpet clearner for Rosie's messes. They can both be cleaned by being washed away.

3. Obedience is necessary

Dogs go to obedience training, or are trained within your home. Rosie doesn't quite have the obedience thing down, but we are working on it. We teach our dogs with is in charge, and who isn't. It's necessary for them to obey us so they don't get lost or hurt. In the same way, it is necessary for us to obey God, his commandments, and his plan for salvation. By obeying Him, he is protecting us from becoming lost in our sin or hurt by Satan. We know that he is the master that we serve, so we show our love and respect by obeying Him.

4. Loyalty is the greatest gift

If your dogs are anything like Rosie, they are loyal. She waits on us to come home, gets excited to see her humans, knows who she wants to sit with, and cries when she is left. She is loyal becaue we care for her and love her. God wants us to be loyal to Him and His kingdom. Being loyal is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other as Christians, and we owe loyalty to God, our Father. Loyalty is important and what sets family apart. We are loyal to our family and the family of God.

5. It's good to have fun

A lie Christians seem to believe is that we cannot have fun, but we can. Rosie loves to get every single toy out of her toybox and play with them. She finds so much fun in chasing an old pingpong ball around the den or playing fetch. She makes her own fun with what's given to her, and we can do the same. Studying the Bible can be fun, going to get coffee with friends is fun, worship is fun, and it's important to have fun. Life would be boring without a fun worhsip song and a game of fetch. God gave us this beautiful world to explore and have fun in. Grab your pup and explore some of his creation. Go have fun!

I hope you've learned some lessons about Christianity from your dog. Life is full of lessons, and God's presence is everywhere. Have a blessed day!

Pet your dog and say your prayers.

Pictured is Rosie the Shorkie holding Winston the Beagle's ear in her mouth.

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