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Get Out of a Spiritual Slump

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Let's talk about something uncomfortable, spiritual slumps. It's easy to be on fire for God when things are going well, when you're at church events, and when you're surrounded by believers. Some of the most "on-fire" moments probably take place at church camps and conferences, and burn out by the end of the first week home. I remember going to camp as a kid and coming back ready to take on the world, only to return to "normal" the next week. Coronavirus has caused many to go into spiritual slumps, and many to regain their fire. (Probably depending on how introverted/extraverted you are).

How do you regain your fire for God?

- Praying

- Reading His Word

- Jamming Out to Worship Music

- Humbling Yourself

- Reflecting on His Awesomeness

- Studying with Friends

- Watching Church Service/Conference Videos

- Living for Him

Satan stays ready to attack Christians when their fire goes out. Regain your fire for him by surrounding yourself with his love through studying, worship, and prayer. Remember to humble yourself and remember that without Him, you are nothing. Spiritual slumps are hard, but you can regain your fire by turning back to God.

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