• Whitney

Broken to Beautiful

What comes to your mind when you think of the word beautiful? Is it a flower? A pretty girl with a smile on her face? Your favorite vacation spot? What about the word broken? Perhaps you picture something that is physically broken or maybe your mind fills with tear stained eyes of people struggling to hold on. Both words paint drastically different pictures in our minds, but can they be used to describe the same thing? Can something or someone be both broken and beautiful?

What if all beautiful things have been broken in the past? Perhaps their broken pieces had to be rearranged and made to fit back together in order to achieve the beauty in which they now hold. I am not speaking solely of physical beauty, but also of spiritual beauty. Some broken people turn their brokenness into bitterness when they should be shaping it into something of beauty. Physical beauty will change with time and even fade away, but spiritual beauty will endure forever.

Have you ever picked a flower because it was beautiful? Taking the flower from it’s source of life caused it to die eventually. You may have attempted to put it into water, but it could only last a few days without the nutrients of the soil. This is what happens when we allow for someone to “pick us” and lead us away from the source of life: Jesus. They may be able to provide the water for a bit, and they may even make you fill full of life, but eventually the pain of being taken away from the true source of your life will kick in. Unlike the flower, you can be replanted in the word and become beautiful again. Thank to our savior, we can overcome brokenness and turn into something even more beautiful. The only way to do this is to cling to the source that provides us with life.

Picture Jesus hanging on the cross. This extremely broken picture turned out to be part of the most beautiful love story to ever exist. Jesus may have been physically broken like us, but he overcame such brokenness to save us from our brokenness and sin.

So turn away from what is breaking you. It may be a person, place, or even something that simply consumes all of your time. Replant yourself in the word and allow for the source of life to help you grow into something even more beautiful than before.

Overcome your brokenness and invest your time in beautifying your soul.

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