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Christianity and Politics

Election season is in full swing, and my social media is filled with "you can't support Biden and love Jesus," or "you can't support Trump and love Jesus." The problem with these statements is that they place Jesus in the same circle as American politicians, when he is the King of each of them. I've made similar statements myself regarding the pro-choice movement (Jesus wouldn't kill babies and you won't change my mind). Jesus didn't live in America, and there's no way to know which, if any, party He would belong to. There are arguments that both sides have made about how Jesus would be in their party (yes, I have made these too), but let's stop putting words in Jesus's mouth and trying to make the King of the World equal to the citizens of America. Jesus died for everyone, regardless of party. Putting him in a party is like gatekeeping religion. It's time to stop. Even though we should stop putting words in Jesus's mouth, doesn't mean we shouldn't vote how we fill led based on our Biblical beliefs.

Unlike those who believe Christians should abstain from political involvement, I'm begging you to be involved.

While I'm begging you to vote, I also know some of you will vote differently, and that's okay. I love politics. I won't be swayed from my beliefs, and you won't convince me to vote for anyone else. You're likely the same way, regardless of party. This post isn't going to attempt to sway your political opinions.

Christians, you should vote, but pray first.

Our world is an immoral, sinful place. Without Christians in political offices and at the polls, sin will continue to destroy the world as we know it. We cannot simply sit back and watch this happen when we live in a free country that allows us to practice our religion and participate in elections. Christians in office allow us to have an advocate for our beliefs and rights in the government. This keeps prayer at the nation's capital, morality in the Senate, and humanity in the House. Our long-term citizenship is in the Kingdom of God, but our citizenship on this Earth is important because this is where we make Heaven crowded. Without freedom of religion, this would be much harder. Remember this when you're deciding whether or not you should vote. I'm not saying either 2020 candidate is going to take away that freedom, but there's always a possibility down the road. Keeping Christians in politics keeps religious freedom in America.

Regardless of your party, you've likely experienced some backlash. I know I have. I've been blocked by old friends for simply voting differently. This doesn't bother me, but it also doesn't show the love we are encouraged to show as Christians. I've been harsh to others because of politics. I'm not going to pretend to be perfect, but I'm going to learn and teach from my mistakes.

"Don't let your politics corrupt your love" is a statement I saw on Instagram the other day. That one hit home. It's easy to get caught up in toxic political involvement with the keyboard warriors of today. Yelling at people on political posts isn't winning people for the Kingdom. I'm a big fan of a healthy debate, but when name calling and belittling creep their way into the comments, it's time to put the phone down. No matter where you stand politically, love those across the aisle. Pray for ALL of our leaders, not just those you agree with. Pray for our country.

Pray and research the candidates and their policies before heading to the polls, but show up. Pray, cast your ballot, and pray some more. Without Christian lights in politics, our world will continue to get darker with sin.

This was a long post to say pray, vote, and love those who vote for the opposing party.

I'll see you at the polls in November!

If you're thinking, "Whitney, this post is hypocritical. You literally work in politics and post about how you dislike the other party," remember that I'm always preaching to myself too. Also, you can love the person, and dislike their political party. God commands us to love others, not love others' policies. As my FFL article is titled, people are more than their politics. We may disagree politically, but I love each and every one of you in Christian love.

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