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Be Kind: 5 Random Acts of Kindness Anyone Can Do

This year has caused a lot of stress for many, and being kind seems to be a thing of the past. As Christians, we are called to be kind and love our neighbors. These acts of kindness can be done by anyone, and will make someone's day. Spread kindness and the love of Jesus. This world needs more kind people in it.

1. Leave sticky notes in indoor public places

I recommend doing this inside to keep from littering. Leaving sticky notes with encouraging messages on a classroom desk, bathroom stall, resturant table, wall, dressing room door, etc. is a cheap and easy way to spread kindness. Encouraging words mean so much to so many people. You never know who you will impact.

2. Pay for someone's coffee

Whether you pay for your friend's Starbucks, load a gift card and share the code on social media, pay for the car behind you, or bring your coworker their favorite drink, paying for someone's coffee is a cheap and easy way to make their day.

3. Write cards by hand

Hand-written notes mean so much in the digital age we are living in. You can get cute cards anywhere, even at the Dollar Tree. Send cards to your family members, old friends, veterans, active duty military, nursing home residence, hospitals, etc. These cards are guaranteed to make someone's day.

4. Compliment someone genuinely

Genuine compliments cost $0 and leave a lasting impact. I still remember when someone complimented my lipstick in D.C. over a year ago. It's so much fun to compliment people and watch their faces light up when you tell them you love their hair, style, etc. Plus, you can still compliment people via social media even during the pandemic. Tell the girl you follow on Instagram that her sweater is cute, or tell your guy friend that you like his new tennis shoes. They will never forget it.

5. Hold the door for someone

If you're at a store, restaurant, etc. hold the door open for the person behind you. If you see someone struggling to open the door, grab it for them. Holding the door open only takes up a few seconds of your time, but may be so helpful for the person on the other side.

Do a random act of kindness for someone today. You won't regret it.

Check out this adorable spread kindness sign and this Be Kind pullover from A'Beautiful Soul.

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