• Whitney

21 Ways to Serve God in 2021

There are so many ways to serve the Lord and serve in the church, but I'm narrowing the list down to 21 for 2021. Serving can be hard in such an uncertain year. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, experiencing a new presidential administration, and going through so much uncertainty, He remains the same forever. Let's spread His love and positivity during this new year!

  1. Lead a small group

  2. Teach a Sunday school class

  3. Host zoom Bible studies

  4. Share Bible verses on social media

  5. Text encouraging words to your friends

  6. Send hand-written cards to shut-ins

  7. Donate money to your favorite charity

  8. Share your testimony with others

  9. Listen to more worship music

  10. Host worship nights (safely)

  11. Pray for others

  12. Write in a gratitude journal and thank God for all of it

  13. Pray before making decisions

  14. Pay for someone's coffee

  15. Love everyone, especially those you disagree with

  16. Cook for first responders (safely, get permission first)

  17. Spend time in the word everyday

  18. Do Bible app devotionals with friends

  19. Put others before yourself

  20. Lead others to Christ through your actions

  21. Put your trust in Him this year

I'm praying you all have a great 2021!

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