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2020 Vision: Reflecting on Positives in 2020

I'm sorry, but I had to use this title. They say hindsight is 2020, but my eyesight isn't 2020 (yes, even with contacts). 2020 brought so much change and so many trials for everyone. Instead of focusing on that, I want to share some good things that happened in 2020. This is something I want to be able to look back on, so I'm choosing to share it with you all.

January I started my internship with MSU Housing and Residence Life that made me fall in love with Marketing and PR. This is also why I decided not to go to law school (at least not yet).

February was full of school, Senate, church events, and pre-law events. Courtney and Tyler also turned 20 and we celebrated at Granny's house.

March, I spent the first weekend of Spring Break camping with some friends, then went to the beach with Meme. We ate lots of ice cream, did some puzzles, and had a great time.

In April, my group found out we won our capstone project competition after writing a 200+ page paper for it.

May, I graduated virtually from my dream school. I also interned for a communication firm and made lots of social media graphics.

In June, I rebranded my blog to "Wonderfully Whitney" and began posting consistently on the Instagram account I had created in January. I also went to the beach with Mom and Martha and ate even more ice cream.

July brought my 22nd birthday, I celebrated my Taylor Swift year at the cheesecake factory and went shopping.

In August we went to Disney World after having to cancel 2 trips, and I got my first job in marketing at Stone Canyon Homes.

September brought me my (well, maybe Dad's) best friend, Rosie. Having my own puppy for the first time has been so much fun, and she is so loved already. We spent her "gotcha day" shopping at Bridgestreet with Hallie, Luke, Ashley, and Dustin.

In October, I became a brand ambassador for A'Beautiful Soul and began creating content for a brand I love! Later, I got to be an ambassador for By Grace Boutique and Elevated Faith as well! Since discovering YouTube influencers in high school, I always dreamed of having brand deals. I never expected to actually have them, though.

November brought 1K on the blog Instagram. While the number doesn't seem like much in comparison to other accounts, I look at it as having 1,000 virtual friends that I don't know in real life. I get to share Jesus and my personal style with these ladies, which is so much fun! I also made money blogging for the first time, which is another thing I never expected to happen.

December has brought Christmas with my family, another Disney trip, and a lot of fun with Courtney while she's home from school.

2020 has brought so much negativity, but reflecting on the positives has really shown that there is good in everything. I've grown personally and professionally in 2020, and cannot wait to continue to grow in 2021. I also made so many more friends through FFL, wrote some articles for FFL and Wonderfully Whitney, and continued to grow my blog. I cannot wait to see what all 2021 brings, but I'm not claiming it as my year this time.

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