I started blogging back in 2017, but I decided to rebrand in 2020. What started as Stressed Yet Blessed has evolved to Wonderfully Whitney. I decided to change the name because throughout the Bible, negative words like stress are often attached to sin, but wonderfully made is how God describes his children. I hope you follow along with my journey of falling deeper in love with the savior and discovering my calling in this life.

This site is a true Christian lifestyle blog and has everything from outfit ideas to deep Biblical discussions. Know that I am always preaching to myself when I share with you all. This blog has brought me closer to Christ and rooted me deeper in my faith. I strive to be authentic and kind. Please reach out if you have questions, need prayers, or simply want to be friends! My DMs are always open to chat and I promise that they are a safe place where you can share whatever is on your heart without fear of judgement. That's why I chose a blog rooted in faith instead of focusing solely on lifestyle. Navigating life and faith as a 20 something year old can be hard. Know that you aren't alone and no matter your age, you are welcome here.

I can't wait to get to know you!

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